Edge Impulse: An MLOps Platform for Tiny Machine Learning

Part of Proceedings of Machine Learning and Systems 5 pre-proceedings (MLSys 2023) mlsys2023


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colby banbury, Vijay Janapa Reddi, Alexander Elium, Shawn Hymel, David Tischler, Daniel Situnayake, Carl Ward, Louis Moreau, Jenny Plunkett, Matthew Kelcey, Mathijs Baaijens, Alessandro Grande, Dmitry Maslov, Arthur Beavis, Jan Jongboom, Jessica Quaye


Edge Impulse is a cloud-based machine learning operations (MLOps) platform for developing embedded and edge ML (TinyML) systems that can be deployed to a wide range of hardware targets. Current TinyML workflows are plagued by fragmented software stacks and heterogeneous deployment hardware, making ML model optimizations difficult and unportable. We present Edge Impulse, a practical MLOps platform for developing TinyML systems at scale. Edge Impulse addresses these challenges and streamlines the TinyML design cycle by supporting various software and hardware optimizations to create an extensible and portable software stack for a multitude of embedded systems. As of Oct. 2022, Edge Impulse hosts 118,185 projects from 50,953 developers.