MLPerf Mobile Inference Benchmark: An Industry-Standard Open-Source Machine Learning Benchmark for On-Device AI

Part of Proceedings of Machine Learning and Systems 4 (MLSys 2022)

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Vijay Janapa Reddi, David Kanter, Peter Mattson, Jared Duke, Thai Nguyen, Ramesh Chukka, Ken Shiring, Koan-Sin Tan, Mark Charlebois, William Chou, Mostafa El-Khamy, Jungwook Hong, Tom St John, Cindy Trinh, Michael Buch, Mark Mazumder, Relja Markovic, Thomas Atta, Fatih Cakir, Masoud Charkhabi, Xiaodong Chen, Cheng-Ming Chiang, Dave Dexter, Terry Heo, Guenther Schmuelling, Maryam Shabani, Dylan Zika


This paper presents the first industry-standard open-source machine learning (ML) benchmark to allow performance and accuracy evaluation of mobile devices with different AI chips and software stacks. The benchmark draws from the expertise of leading mobile-SoC vendors, ML-framework providers, and model producers. It comprises a suite of models that operate with standard data sets, quality metrics and run rules. We describe the design and implementation of this domain-specific ML benchmark. The current benchmark version comes as a mobile app for different computer vision and natural language processing tasks. The benchmark also supports non-smartphone devices, such as laptops and mobile PCs. Benchmark results from the first two rounds reveal the overwhelming complexity of the underlying mobile ML system stack, emphasizing the need for transparency in mobile ML performance analysis. The results also show that the strides being made all through the ML stack improve performance. Within six months, offline throughput improved by 3x, while latency reduced by as much as 12x. ML is an evolving field with changing use cases, models, data sets and quality targets. MLPerf Mobile will evolve and serve as an open-source community framework to guide research and innovation for mobile AI.